Thursday, May 26, 2011

New Club

Well it has been a while. Of course I've been a little busy with new job and new baby. However, I have been very busy working on ham radio over the last 2 months. I felt strongly to start a school amateur radio club at the school I work at. So I got some key people to agree to get involved and before I knew it I officially had a club started. I got a club license and already got a vanity call sign assigned. Since the name of the school is Northside Methodist Academy (NMA) I got the call sign N4NMA. We have our first event that will be with the Wiregrass Amateur Radio Club here in Dothan. NMA will host the event on June 18th for Kids Day. Lots of excitement is building with the potential for this new club and I am excited in the response I have received. I got a logo designed and a banner currently being made. So we are ready to start this new school club for the fall semester. Over the summer one of our science teachers will be working to get his license and the two of us will work to help students and anyone in the Dothan area get their ham license.