Thursday, November 19, 2009


Tonight I was asked to speak to the Rockwell-Collins Amateur Radio Club about Slinky antennas. It was a great privilege for me. A member of the Rockwell-Collins club was at ham radio in the park and asked me to come talk about it. I had a great time putting together the presentation and speaking to their club. I equally enjoyed meeting and visiting with the members of the RCARC club and appreciate their receptiveness to my presentation. I really enjoyed chatting with Bob Kirby (K3NT) and appreciate him giving me a tour of the ham shack they have there. It is a very nice set up. And yes, I was in awe of the 50th anniversary Rockwell-Collins S-Line radio there. Thanks again to all who were there and I look forward to seeing you again.



  1. Matt,

    Great job!!!! on your presentation at the Rockwell Collins Amateur Radio Club meeting last night. Your on track for GREAT THINGS. Hey thanks for the nice QSL card.

    K5SRT - Ross

  2. Matt,

    RCARC was sure blessed with your informative and fun "Portable Slinky Antenna Designs and Experiments" presentation. Thanks for the nice comments on your Blog about your visit to Rockwell Collins Amateur Radio Club.

    K3NT - Bob

  3. We are so proud of you. Keep up the great work and the great example you are.