Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Buddipole J-Pole

This afternoon, I decided to play with my new Buddipole a little. I have not had a lot of opportunity to play with my new antenna because the coax is too short to run into my house and it has been too cold to take radio outside. So before the snow storm hits tomorrow, I thought I would try making some j-poles with the Buddipole. I have been reading on the Buddipole users group that you can make a j-pole for 2 meters and 6 meters. So I did. I had my Dad's antenna analyzer and found it works really well. On 2 meters I was able to get the antenna resonate at 146.3 MHz and an SWR under 2. Same was true with 6 meters as well. Resonate at 52.67 and SWR under 2. I even read you can have a 440 antenna with no attachments as well. I did try it and it worked ok, but I had no way to test SWR. I was able to hit many local repeaters on 2 meters and 440 with my HT.I also read that some have used cell phone antennas for 440 j-pole, but I was not able to try that. Pretty fun to play with. I should get more coax to try next week, so hopefully the weather will improve and I can play more with the antenna on HF.

2 meter J-Pole

6 meter J-Pole

440 Buddipole


  1. Hi Matt,

    do you remember the length of the 2m J-Pole whips?

    Unfortunately I don't have an antenna analyzer yet, but I would like to try your setup for 145.5 MHz.

    Thanks a lot

  2. I believe the long side was 4.5 extentions and the short side was collapsed all the way.

  3. HI,MATT....i want to try our Jpole..Thnkyou

    hope see u on air
    West Malaysia

  4. 43 3/4" for your red side and 14 5/8" for your black side.