Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Great Day for Buddipole

This afternoon it was such a nice day I decided to put the Buddipole up. Les (K5RXQ) let me borrow a long whip to try out so I tried the vertical with the long whip. Instead of telling how I think it worked, just look at the contacts I made on 20 meters this afternoon.

European Russia
Rockwall, TX

I would say it worked quite well. I noticed I was able to pick up weaker stations that I have not in the past and usually was able to make contact with them using just 50 watts. I guess I will need to buy some of the longer whips for my Buddipole.

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  1. Hello. Im Randall KF5HNT. I talk with some guys on the radio this morning an i plan on going to the next rockwall meeting. I am pretty new at radios an i haven't had my tech license that long. I was thinking about getting the general class license. Do you have any info on web sites that have the QA training?