Saturday, October 24, 2009

R.A.C.E.S Drill

Today I participated in a emergency management simulation with Rockwall County (Texas) Emergency Management and Amateur Radio operators. The exercise was to simulate emergency situations that could come about from any kind of natural or terrorist disaster in Rockwall. HAM Radio operators put together and set up a station for HF and VHF/UHF. This was my first simulation drill since becoming a R.A.C.E.S member and will probably take part in another one next year. The experience gave me the itch to get my HF Station and go out into the woods to see what I could do. So as a result I took my station and my family to Lake Tawakoni to see if I could make contact with anyone. I figured I could just go to one of the campsites and plug in for a few minutes, however once we arrived EVERY campsite was occupied by a cub scout troop. So instead it gave my wife an opportunity to do a photo op of me and my HAM set up. Notice my Slinky Dipole set up behind me.

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