Saturday, October 31, 2009

Today, my dad (N5ME) was in town and for some time we have talked about making our own Buddipole. I have been very impressed with the design of the Buddipole and since they are out of my budget right now, I thought why not build one. So today my dad and I constructed one. We used four mini Slinky's (much smaller than the original slinky) and two whips from an old TV (rabbit ears) set. As seen in the picture we also used PVC pipe to hold it all up. We used my dad's antenna analyzer and found after some tweaking, we were resonate close to the 40 meter band. So I grabbed my radio and we gave it a test. We heard several stations on 40 meters and then I heard W0O calling CQ. I called and he came back. Kent was working a special event station in Frankenstein, Missouri for Halloween. What a great name for a town on Halloween. So it worked! I also heard several stations on 20 meters as well all over including Michigan, California, and Florida. So not bad for a cheap quickly constructed Buddipole. Now we have to decide if it works well enough to construct something more stable or try another design. Hopefully we will have something together for Ham Radio in the Park in Rockwall next Saturday.

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